3 Facts About An Ergonomic Seat Cushion for Healthy Posture

3 Facts About An Ergonomic Seat Cushion for Healthy Posture

By Will T on Dec 16, 2022

Fact #1: The Cushion’s Ergonomic Shape Improves Your Posture

It can be difficult going through your day with lingering back pain. It leads to fidgeting. Researchers state this is a sign of a poor sitting position due to high coccyx pressure.

Does Proper Posture Improve Wellness?

Yes, it does. A good sitting position will make you feel happier and healthier all the time. Studies show that sitting upright improves the productivity of office workers.

The ideal sitting position is seen in the picture below

You can easily achieve great sitting posture using a seat cushion.

Ergonomic Soft Hip Support Pillow has contours that evenly distribute weight while sitting. By doing so, it slightly rotates your pelvis forward to keep your spine upright.

Ergonomic Soft Hip Support Pillow 

Do Posture Cushions Work?

Yes, they do. The image below shows how a pressure relief cushion can improve your spine.

It has a non-slip rubber bottom to enable you to use it anywhere. It can be used on an ordinary chair, car seat, kitchen chair, or even a wheelchair. 

You can be comfortable everywhere you go.

Here’s what our seat cushion lovers have to say:

“The seat cushion rarely slipped and contoured well to the way that I sit. While the back cushion helped with lumbar support and posture.”

Fact #2: Seat Cushions Have Contours for Lumbar Support 

The lower back region is the most affected area when sitting. It needs constant support; otherwise, it could lead to lingering back pain.

Health experts state that good lumbar back support reduces back pain. Our seat cushion Ergonomic Back Relief Lumbar Pillow through its U-shaped cut-out. It takes the pressure off your tailbone and hip muscles when you sit for long periods.

We recommend pairing it with Ergonomic Back Relief Lumbar Pillow for enhanced support. Here’s why:

“A lumbar back support helps promote good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.”

-Dr. John Triano.

Benefits of the Seat Cushion and Lumbar Pillow Combination

This great combination guarantees your lower back pain relief in the following ways.

Improves Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Curve Alignment

Its scientifically designed shape is made by our in-house ergonomists. The bolstered lower back support relieves back pressure and provides effective support.

Enhances Your Spine’s Natural S-Curve

It has an S-curve shape that naturally contours against your back for everlasting comfort.

Relaxes Your Neck and Shoulders

Even weight distribution and upright posture keep your head and shoulders in place. This loosens up the muscles to prevent you from straining.

The best part is our chair pillows have secure straps to keep them in place. The gel lining on the adjustable straps can fit on any chair back. Its tight grip allows for a non-slip effect when sitting.

You can also move around with your lumbar pillow and use it on your office chairs, car seat, or couch. 

Ergonomic Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

Are Seat Cushions Good For You?

Yes, they are. Our lumbar pillow helps relieve both lower and upper back pain to prevent hunching and neck pain. Researchers recommend using them in your home office or car to heal your body.

Can You Wash the Seat Cushions?

Our seat pillows are easy to keep and safe for washing machine use. The pillow has a velour cover on one side and a breathable mesh cover that is removable and washable.

Fact #3: Ergonomic Seat Cushions  Are Made Of Firm Foam for Good Circulation

Medical experts link sitting with obesity due to poor circulation. This is why they recommend taking breaks and incorporating an ergonomic seat cushion.

Our memory foam cushions are firm and comfortable to make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. It allows free movement and uses your body heat to soften the memory foam so it can take the shape of your body.

You don’t need to worry about it softening or flattening after prolonged use. Our scientific high-density foam can easily support up to 250 pounds.

While there are many different ergonomic cushions, it’s important to pick the best one for you. Here are the main differences between our products and Purple’s to help you decide.

What Is the Best Orthopedic Seat Cushion?

A recent study proves that the best seat pillow should have contours and an ergonomic design to:

  • Reduce pressure in the hips and thighs.
    A gel seat cushion helps absorb your weight pressure. Our memory foam seat cushion material offers this solution and enhances spinal health.
  • Prevent hunching.
    The seat pillow height is 3.5 inches to hold your neck and shoulders in a fixed position. Ergonomic experts agree this is the recommended thickness for the perfect seat pillow.
  • Relieve spinal tension and tailbone pain.
    The memory foam allows free blood flow in your hips and thighs. Because of this, you will feel less sitting fatigue and back pain.

Ergonomic Soft Hip Support Pillow

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